About Velocitii

We Help Companies Go Faster

We create business solutions that are designed to grow your business; it’s a passion of ours. As an elite outsourcing firm, we create new opportunities, generate new revenue, and bring new meaning to the words customer service and support for our clients. We take the large-scale knowledge and expertise that comes from over 25 years of combined global experience and more than 250 client engagements to create practical solutions of all kinds. Here at Velocitii, we think with you in mind, so we deliver high quality work with even higher results.


  • Ron Petrie
    Ron PetrieCEO
  • Michele Gennarino
    Michele GennarinoCOO
  • Kristine Hughes
    Kristine HughesTraining Manager
  • Ian Heslop
    Ian HeslopDirector of Operations
  • Shawna Cordon
    Shawna CordonMarketing & Communications Manager
  • Virginia Martin
    Virginia MartinHuman Resources Manager
  • Brian O’Neill
    Brian O’NeillBusiness Development Manager
  • Kara Pitcher
    Kara PitcherSupervisor
  • Leah Cichinelli
    Leah CichinelliSupervisor
  • Charity Garrow
    Charity GarrowSupervisor

Our Culture

Founded in 2014, Velocitii has been following a strategic work hard
play hard thought process. We commit our entire selves to our
fantastic clients, so that success is constantly achieved, hence
the work hard. We will then dance around in sombreros when goals are
hit, hence the play hard.


Our executive team is a mash up of some of the best in the industry
with over 25 years of industry specific experience. This expertise
radiates onto all of our employees, which is why we are able
to see the success that we do. Velocitii’s executive team is also
equipped to handle most Mario Kart battles in between engagements.


All in all, we’re a hip, rad, cool, awesome, any other positive adjective,

group that likes to contribute to success, celebrate when we achieve,

and show respect to all.

Meet Victor Velocitii

Victor was created right here in house, and is growing up to be quite the outsourcing professional. He is the ultimate mascot, and is always there to remind everyone of our core elements.

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