Laurie Colangelo

Senior Business Development Specialist


Laurie Colangelo, Senior Business Development Specialist

Laurie is an accomplished Business Development professional with over 38 years of experience in the BPO industry. She has an outstanding record in the outsourcing industry with a wealth of knowledge in call-center operations, business development, account management, marketing, and more. She began her career at Concentrix in 1997 and prides herself on being ‘employee number 83’ of the now 285,000+ employees globally. When the opportunity arose with Velocitii, Laurie was ecstatic to transition from a large corporate environment to a boutique, onshore BPO company with an emphasis on company culture and employee morale.

She states “I like the feel of a smaller company, where your voice is heard, where your opinions matter, and where you can take your expertise and build something great.”

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