Our Technology

Technology Like No Other

Velocitii works with industry-leading partners to provide a cloud-based infrastructure that is superior to traditional on-premise technology.


Traditional on-premise: Installed systems are expensive to operate and maintain, leaving little room to invest in new technology.

Velocitii: Gives you immediate access to the latest technology, features and functions – improving your productivity and results.


Traditional on-premise: Natural disasters can cause business failure, leading to lost customers and revenue.

Velocitii: Your customers and data are safe with Velocitii, with 24/7 support and guaranteed uptime.


Traditional on-premise: May require complex, and costly programming to integrate with other applications.

Velocitii: Simplifies integration with web-based tools for CRM and other popular applications.


Traditional on-premise: Can require months to configure, test and deploy.


Velocitii: Can be up and running in days, allowing for immediate start-up and productivity.


Traditional on-premise: May require a long process to make any changes within a service or application.


Velocitii: Ensures the most flexibility in order to adapt to your needs.


Traditional on-premise: Reporting options can be limited, inflexible and outdated.

Velocitii: Gives you custom reporting with insightful analysis and complete visibility.