Employee Stories

Benefits of Outsourcing

Mia’s Story

I started at Velocitii in September of 2020 as a Temp Customer Service Rep for a healthcare insurance company. With this client, I expanded my opportunities by changing from morning shifts to night shifts. The morning shift was just taking inbound calls, when moving to the night shift we also did outbound calls, and a few video chat calls before it was just strictly outbound. It was an overall great experience, and I loved the environment and knew I wanted to stay.

At the end of my Temp position, Velocitii had more openings. I applied for another position with a different healthcare client. I started with this healthcare client in December of 2020, and really have expanded my knowledge in Medicare supplements and dental policies. Since then I have had training in taking provider calls, dental calls, and most recently Hospital Indemnity. I love my job and being able to expand my knowledge to help our clients and customers more! I can’t wait to see what other opportunities Velocitii offers me to move forward in the future!