Customer Care

Velocitii helps companies grow. We create remarkable customer service outsourcing experiences by approaching every connection in a transformational manner, not merely a transactional manner.

Exceptional customer experience is grounded in human interaction. At Velocitii, our focus is hiring experienced customer service professionals in western NY to deliver the best experience possible for our client’s customers.

Every customer interaction is treated as if it is the only interaction, ensuring not only customer satisfaction but customer advocacy. Our Omni channel capabilities provide options to our customers and our approach provides a consistent experience, regardless of channel.

What We Do


We help your company grow by setting qualified appointments resulting in higher conversion rates.

Benefits Enrollment

We assume the burden of the annual benefit enrollment process, and the staffing challenges that accompany it, so you don’t have to.


Our experienced customer service specialists expertly handle every interaction, thus ensuring customer retention but therefore, revenue.

Call Triage

We eliminate missed calls while ensuring the your callers get connected with the right person.


We handle the entire process of listening to your customer, logging requests, and dispatching a technician. Freeing your team to take care of business.


We handle basic technical questions and complex troubleshooting, improving up-time for your customers.

Our Services in Action

A Game Changing CX Solution for a Utility Company


Years Of Experience

“Velocitii explained to us they would be an extension of our team. I told the other managers ” they’re us.” I was blown away by the similarities. Culturally it was just a great fit.“

–VP, Customer Care


Fast-growing Utility/Waste Management company, primarily through acquisition.

  • Geographically dispersed customer service teams​
  • Prolonged hold times impacting customer satisfaction​
  • Needed ability to flex staffing based on seasonal need​
  • Desired BPO partner with similar, employee-focused culture​
  • Training ramp = 4-6 months​
  • Started with 4 agents to support one queue​
  • Partnered with client to fine tune and streamline training approach​
  • Ramped up to handle seasonal volume increase​
  • Expanded across all queues after reducing training time by 80%​
  • Reduced training to 3-5 weeks​
  • Steady state staffing increased to 12
  • Decreased percent time not ready by 31%
  • Consistent quality score = 96%
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Cultural fit/extension of internal team
  • Best practice sharing
  • Employee contests​
  • Employee appreciation

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