Velocitii’s mission is to create jobs and build careers in the United States while providing an exceptional experience for our clients and their customers.


To excel in service to our clients by being an employer of choice with engaged, driven, and satisfied employees.

The Velocitii Approach

Real People. Real Connections. Real Results.

The Velocitii service model is built on an accessible, nimble, transparent, and empowered approach. We create and nurture curiosity in our front-line teams to unlock opportunities and increase productivity. Our unique approach is to leverage Real People making Real Connections delivering Real Results.

Real People:

  • US Based Workforce – Predominantly in Western NY
  • Experienced CX Professionals
  • Extensive CX/BPO Experience in Leadership Team

Real Connections:

  • Omni-channel Support – Your customers have the power to choose
  • Every connection powered by human interaction
  • Positive and seamless customer experience, regardless of channel

Real Results:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Optimal ROI through increased revenue & customer retention
  • Improved first call resolution as a result of increased customer insights

Velocitii is not only a seamless extension of your brand, we become your trusted partner and confidante. We innovate and collaborate with you to create powerful and sustainable growth for your company.


Onshore Outsourcing Business Services

Velocitii helps companies grow. We create remarkable customer service outsourcing experiences by approaching every connection in a transformational manner, not merely a transactional manner.

We focus on moving your customers through the sales cycle from acquisition through onboarding to account retention, resulting in lower acquisition costs and optimized profits.

Let Velocitii build your organizational bandwidth, boost efficiency, and increase corporate profitability by outsourcing routine repetitive administrative tasks to a highly skilled and dedicated team.

Velocitii is an evolutionary company with decades of experience working with some of the world’s best-known brands. We partner with organizations to help them grow, innovate, and build powerful connections with customers.

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