Business Process Transformation

Velocitii is an evolutionary company. We partner with brands and organizations to help them grow, innovate, and build powerful connections with customers.

When you work with Velocitii, you not only benefit from our decades of experience working with some of the world’s best-known brands, you will get big picture strategy and direction on how to best meet your business goals and solve your toughest challenges.

What We Offer

Contact Center Readiness Assessment

Is your organization ready for growth? Whether you are launching a start-up, setting a strategic vision for an established corporation, or somewhere in between, offering the best possible customer service and customer experience is key to every organization’s growth. Contact Centers are scalable, versatile, and often a game-changing factor when creating the best possible customer experience.

Contact Center Consolidation

The Velocitii team has decades of experience developing, launching, and consolidating Contact Centers. The end results being an exceptional customer experience while optimizing costs.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer satisfaction, customer retention, and cost to serve are three key KPIs that ultimately define the long-term profitability of any business. Understanding the customer experience via Customer Journey Mapping helps companies step into their customer’s shoes and see their business from their perspective. It sheds light on common customer pain points and gaps in service.

At Velocitii, we understand that tracing the customer journey via technology and cold data is not enough. We go beyond analytics. We ask questions. We explore. We keep you at the forefront of how clients truly feel. Why? Because companies who truly value and understand their customers always win.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into your business and organizational activities, operations, and customer service programs to improve customer experience and increase competitive advantage.

  • Customer experience
  • Operational agility
  • Culture and leadership
  • Workforce enablement
  • Digital technology integration

Now more than ever, companies are rushing to meet digital demand in a quickly evolving marketplace. Think of Velocitii as your company’s transformation partner. Velocitii is standing by to help you and your team evaluate your current offerings, develop a digital strategy, and set a plan to embark or continue a digital transformation.

Our Services in Action

The Importance of Live Chat


47 %

Conversion Rate


An e-commerce brand that offers discounted brand name fitness and outdoor apparel and equipment.

  • E-Commerce company
  • No Chat available for customers
  • Insufficient internal staffing
  • No chat experience
  • No productivity and response time reporting
  • Lack of customer service experience
  • No documented processes or training
  • Unacceptable response times
  • Voicemail > 1 week
  • Emails > 1 week
  • Calls – sent to voicemail
  • Waning consumer confidence due to website errors and lack of responsiveness
  • Chat platform chosen by client Implemented on time
  • Fully documented processes and training materials
  • Implemented comprehensive quality assurance process
  • Produced daily productivity reports
  • Provided ongoing feedback on how to boost chat traffic
  • Initially – chat only
  • Quickly added email and phone
  • Expanded hours to cover evenings
  • Implemented QC process for website
  • Increased consumer confidence in website and customer service team as evidenced by Google reviews
  • Improved response times
  • Emails < 1 hour
  • Chats < 1 minute
  • Phone ASA < 30 sec
  • Conversion rate = 47% vs goal of 13.5%

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