Employee Stories

Michael’s Story

After working as an entertainer and freelance graphic designer for four years, I joined Velocitii in October 2017. I started as a customer service representative for a healthcare client before transitioning into a back-office support role that would better utilize my unique skill set. The passion I had for my work led me to progress into a team lead position in January 2020, and subsequently to supervisor in March 2021. In my role as a Supervisor, I was responsible for leading five different teams to success. It was very fulfilling to have the opportunity to mentor members of my teams, serve our clients, and exceed expectations whenever possible.

I was thrilled when I heard about an opening for a brand manager position at the end of 2021. Given my experience at Velocitii and my background in graphic communications, I felt this role would be a perfect fit for me. Upon interviewing with our company’s COO, I was offered the position! Growing with this company and being in a position that I am truly passionate about has been extremely rewarding.