Polly Morien

Recruiting Solutions Lead


Polly Morien, Recruiting Solutions Lead

Polly grew up and still currently lives in Medina with her partner Mel and her two boys, Finley and Forrest. In her spare time, she loves thrifting to find new treasures, hosting, being outdoors, traveling, and finding adventure in everything she does.

Not quite knowing where she fit in, Polly took on a variety of classes in college ranging from Business Administration to Human Services to Nursing. Polly came to Velocitii for a change of pace after she signed over her small business. Starting out as one of our agents, quickly moving her way up the ladder to being our Administrative Assistant and now, our Recruiter. With her experience as a small business owner coupled with her first-hand knowledge of life as a Customer Service Representative, she brings a unique perspective to the recruiting position.