Here at Velocitii, we are committed to making a positive impact not only in our industry but also in the lives of our employees!

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our 10 commitments to our employees, a set of promises that reflect our dedication to creating a supportive, inclusive, and empowering work environment. From offering flexible work arrangements to providing opportunities for career development, these commitments serve as our commitment to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our employees.

10 Commitments

1. We will provide an inclusive workplace free of discrimination.

2. All employees will be treated with honesty, transparency and understanding.

3. All employees will have the freedom to speak openly with their supervisor or member of management without the fear of retaliation.

4. We will strive to provide a healthy work/life balance for all employees, regardless of role.

5. We will offer competitive wages and benefits.

6. We will ensure all systems and equipment remain operational and functionally support the role to be performed.

7. All agents will receive performance feedback on a monthly basis during a 1 on 1 meeting with their supervisor.

8. All employees will be given the opportunity to participate in town hall meetings on a monthly basis to stay informed about the latest Velocitii news.

9. All employees will have the opportunity to further develop their skills through virtual and classroom learning.

10. In the event that anything prevents us from adhering to our commitments above, we will escalate as far as necessary.

In closing, we at Velocitii are proud to launch these 10 commitments to our employees, a testament to our mission of creating a workplace culture that is inclusive, supportive, and empowering. We believe that our employees are essential to our success, and we are determined to provide them with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to thrive!

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