Working from home is an excellent way to save on gas, be more comfortable and improve your work/life balance. However, at times you may feel lonely, less motivated and unproductive. The following tips will help you stay on top of your workload and feel more connected to your coworkers while working outside of the office.

Set alarms

Most people are familiar with using alarms on their phone to wake them up in the morning, and many of us dread that sound. Now what if I told you  to set more of those alarms during the day? There are plenty of ways to utilize your alarm to maximize efficiency, punctuality and overall well-being. Try setting an alarm to remind you when to clock back in from lunch or return from a break. You can also utilize alarms to increase productivity. Set a designated timeframe to work on a task; set your alarm to go off after the predetermined time and then move onto your next task. Having a designated window of time to complete a task helps you stay focused and avoid procrastination. After a few weeks the dreaded sound of your morning alarm will become a sound you now connect with being productive, efficient and fulfilled.

Build a strong morning routine

Take a shower in the morning, pick out an outfit you love, do your hair and head into your home office! Yes, we know. . Rolling out of bed and wearing sweatpants all day is comfortable and convenient but can also cause you to feel less motivated and productive throughout your day. Having a strong morning routine that ends with you feeling fantastic and ready for your day is much more fulfilling. Consider getting up an hour earlier than usual, take some time to do something you enjoy whether that be sipping a cup of coffee, taking a walk or reading a book.

Meal prepping

You won’t have a vending machine full of snacks readily available, and you won’t always be able to go out or order food for lunch. Preparing your meals in advance keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by all that cooking. Preparing a few meals in bulk and storing them in food storage containers on Sunday is a good idea. Using this method allows you to make on-demand meals throughout the week without having to spend your entire lunch break preparing your meal.

Work with your family to build out a schedule

It is possible that your school-aged children will be at home during the work week. Working while at home can be a challenge for parents with children, making it even harder to stay productive. A clear schedule needs to be established for the entire household if you find yourself in this situation. Take into consideration how your schedules might be coordinated to accommodate child care needs.Clear boundaries must be set and enforced during working hours.

We at Velocitii have created multiple user-friendly Yammer communities to allow our employees to be more connected than ever before. 

Customize your home office

It’s time to bring out your inner interior decorator! You’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office, might as well make it perfect! Paint the room a color that makes you happy, invest in the perfect computer chair, and put up photos of family and friends. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect home office but remember; the perfect home office isn’t built overnight. Spend a few months adding to it, making small changes each week until you feel as though you have created a space you are excited to spend time in each day.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule

Since you won’t have to travel to work the next morning, it may be tempting to stay up later at night to stream your favorite show or scroll through social media. If you’re not careful, this flexibility could lead you to stay up later than you should! The recommendation for adults is to sleep seven hours or more every night. When you follow these guidelines, you will be at your best while working and be able to concentrate more effectively.

Get connected

When you work alone, you may feel lonely due to the lack of human interaction. We recommend keeping in touch with coworkers during the work day via a group chat or a social platform such as Yammer. We at Velocitii have created multiple user-friendly Yammer communities to allow our employees to be more connected than ever before. 

  • Velocitii Breakroom – This is where our employees can socialize, ask questions, get to know each other, and have fun!
  • Velocitii News – We use this channel to inform our employees about important company news and updates.
  • Community Outreach – This page is used to promote community events and volunteer opportunities to increase employee engagement within our community.
  • WOW Calls – We love being able to shout-out our employees and show our appreciation for the great work they do. This community allows us to showcase shoutouts from customers, their supervisors, peers or our QA team.keep our employees connected to their peers, the management team and the community. 

The transition to working from home can be challenging, but with a few simple changes to your daily routine and workspace, you’ll be able to maximize your potential. Find out what works best for you and your family and share with us any tips we may have missed! 

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