The employee-centric culture we have built at Velocitii is one of our greatest strengths, as we believe that valued employees will in turn provide the best service to our clients. This year, we tasked our Brand Manager and the current employee engagement committee with planning and running Customer Service Week. As a result, we had a blast doing gift deliveries, contests and plenty of other exciting activities! We encourage you to use this post as inspiration for your Customer Service Weeks in the future!


Below you can view our schedule for the week! In order to build excitement and let your employees know what to expect, it is important to send out the schedule the week before.


The week prior to Customer Service Week we sent a message to our employees with a request for songs they want added to a company playlist. The playlist was then created and played all week long in the office, which was a big hit with our employees. We had also sent the playlist link to all of our remote employees so they could enjoy it as well.

Additionally, we posted a video personally thanking all of our employees for their hard work and dedication. You can check out that video below!


Our goal for Tuesday was to create some fun games and activities everyone can participate in, whether they work at home or in the office. We started with a quiz featuring questions about Velocitii, anyone that scored a 100% was put into a raffle for any item $25 or less on Amazon. The raffle was done with a virtual prize wheel that we added everyones name to. We spun the wheel while screen recording so we could post the results for all to see. 

We then used our social platform, Yammer, to play various guessing games with the prize of any item $15 or less on Amazon. Our employees absolutely loved these games and have requested we do more in the future


The idea for Wednesday was to have our employees participate in completing an original Mad-Lib in the style of a thank you note! We posted the numbers and prompts in Yammer and had our employees comment words in which corresponded with the posted prompts to fill in the blanks of the Mad-Lib.

We took the final script, complete with the words our employees chose, and produced a quick video with narration by one of our Team Leads, Michael Vanslyke.


Planning for Thursday started about a month prior to Customer Service Week. We needed to plan this far in advance as we would be putting together and delivering gift bags to all of our remote employees. To fill our gift bags, we ordered custom Velocitii Branded items, snacks, and beverages!

We also advertised Thursday as “Photo Day” to encourage our employees to dress up nicely as they may have their photo taken with their gift bags. Over the past few years, we have done this multiple times, and our employees have appreciated it more and more each time.

Having a gift delivered to their home is one thing, but coming to see them is so much more meaningful!


To cap off Customer Service Week we prompted our employees to post their appreciation for a coworker on Yammer using #Cheers4Peers. We then entered everyone that posted into a raffle and gave two lucky winners the ability to choose any item $25 or less off Amazon to be delivered to their home. This activity attracted an incredible amount of participation, and we enjoyed reading all of the posts.

The CEO of our company, Heather Smith, also sent out a personal note expressing her appreciation for all of our employees!

Do you have any stories about your Customer Service Week activities this year? Please comment on this post and let us know!