As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we at Velocitii are honored to recognize the remarkable achievements and contributions of women worldwide. This day holds special significance for us, not only because of the incredible women within our company but also because of our unwavering commitment to fostering gender equity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Our journey towards building a more inclusive environment has been marked by the stories of individuals who have found their place and purpose within Velocitii. We’re thrilled to share a few inspiring narratives from members of our team:

Kristine Hughes: Director of Operations

Kristine’s dedication to creating a thriving workplace culture resonates deeply with our values. Her journey exemplifies the importance of work-life balance and the support needed to achieve professional fulfillment.

Polly Morien: Recruiting Solutions Lead

Polly’s journey reflects the transformative power of opportunity and support. From uncertainty to empowerment, she found her passion within Velocitii and now extends opportunities to others, embodying our commitment to inclusivity.

Virginia Jenson: Director of HR

Heather Smith: CEO

Heather’s vision for Velocitii goes beyond job creation—it’s about building a community where every employee feels valued and heard. Her commitment to employee engagement and continuous improvement sets the standard for our inclusive culture.

Learn more about Heathers journey, views, strategy and personal life below!

Heather’s Bio: Click HERE! Interview: Click HERE! Podcast: Click HERE!

Joyce Benedict: Supervisor

Joyce’s journey at Velocitii is one of remarkable growth and transformation. Her dedication, coupled with Velocitii’s supportive environment, enabled her to excel in various positions, including customer service representative, temporary supervisor, QA trainer, and ultimately, supervisor of a healthcare program. Today, Joyce considers Velocitii not just her workplace but an integral part of her extended family, where collaboration and opportunity abound.

Velocitii employees attending a Women's EmpowHERment Leadership Panel.
Velocitii employees attending a Women’s EmpowHERment Leadership Panel.

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